Apps and games that are designed to make your relationship more awesome.


TECHNOLOGY has enhanced the way we live, but have you thought about how it can help take your Valentine’s day to the next level, whether single or loved-up?

Here are some apps and games, available on iOS App Store and Android, that are designed to make your relationship more awesome and organised.

1. Between, The App Couples Love: This is an app that’s like a social network but on the smallest possible scale, allowing you to share moments with just your significant other. Here’s how it can make being a couple that much easier and more intimate. The app’s main feature is its messenger, which lets you chat with your partner in a private space where you can be as sweet and doting as you like without offending your friends on other social networks. Create adorable GIF selfies, send a “love letter” with coloured backdrops and music, share photos, and use the shared calendar function to set dates and stay on top of each other’s schedule.

2. Butter Royale: Couples that play together stay together. If you and your loved one don't have any plan to go out this Valentine’s day, grab your better half and have the food fight of your life in the Butter Royale game, with the help of sauce-shooting, baguette-blasting modified kitchen tools. Be the last one standing on Butter Island in this multiplayer battle royale game that puts a unique spin on the popular genre. You can also play as two kings, a cat and dog, on a journey of paw-some discovery to reclaim their thrones in Cat Quest II. Since the game is available on Apple Arcade, you can play across multiple devices and share your subscription via family sharing. There are loads of other great co-op and multiplayer games out there so ignite your collaborative or competitive spirit together.

3. Weird Type: Running out of ideas on how to creatively say "I love you". Don't worry, there is an app for it. With the Weird Type app you can say I love you in augmented reality or you can type another meaningful phrases and pick from multiple modes and to see your text in completely new ways. With the app, you can also record videos of your messages and share them or save them to you camera roll.

4. Mr Love: Dream Date: We know that there are Tinder and OK Cupid dating apps, but if real life romance is just too much for you, check our Mr Love: Dream Date, a romance simulation game that gives you the opportunity to text, chat and even call the main characters, your potential soul mate, while developing your own career as a media producer. Besides Mr Love: Dream Date, you can also try Love Story: Dating Game where you can get into a virtual relationship: from the love at first sight to the happily ever after. Every interaction with your sweetheart is a unique mini game - smile when he looks at you, grab a kiss while no one’s watching, get your lines right while singing karaoke, and more. Buy a dog, get married, have cute kids and live happily ever with fun in-game challenges.