The Emoji Kitchen.
Create your cowboy emoji.

HAVE you ever been so overwhelmingly filled with love that it moved you to tears? Or, perhaps you’ve laughed so hard you felt sick and wished your phone had an emoji to convey that feeling? Whether you’re sending a note to your galentines or your one true love, you can now use your favourite emojis and mix them into customised stickers through Gboard on Android, helping you express those nuanced thoughts and feelings.

This feature is known as Emoji Kitchen as it allows you to explore new “recipes” of expressions using your favourite emojis as ingredients.

How to make it

Using Gboard on your Android phone, tap on any smiley emoji and Emoji Kitchen will reveal a number of stickers specially handcrafted by the designers at Google.

So when you tap the face with a cowboy hat emoji - Yeehaw... now you have monkey cowboy, ghost cowboy, laughing cowboy, kissy cowboy, in love cowboy, pleading cowboy and of course, pensive cowby.

Emojis have been around long enough that people want to play with them like we do with words - mashing them together, turning nouns into verbs, breaking them apart to create entirely new concepts. Language is infinitely creative just like art and music, and with Emoji Kitchen, your phone’s keyboard becomes an even richer canvas for expression.

Emoji Kitchen is rolling out to all Gboard users on Android, starting today.