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KUALA LUMPUR: While many businesses see a drop in demand and customers as people are banned from travelling outside the country, Roaming Man, an overseas pocket Wifi service provider Roamingman, is experiencing the opposite.

Its pocket Wifi service surged during this the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The company’s senior marketing manager Kate Lim, says the demand comes from customers who need the devices for a better connectivity during times like these.

“The demand for the devices increased 300 percent over the past two weeks,” says Lim.

Normally, pocket Wifi devices are used by people traveling overseas to make it easy for them to access the broadband service there, but due to the devices’ ability to switch between mobile operators’ networks and connect to the strongest one has driven the local demand now.

Furthermore, the devices serve as a Wifi hotspot which allow Internet sharing up to 5 devices/people.

“People are utilising apps like Zoom and Skype heavily to conduct the video conferencing among co-workers and business partners, and there is a rising demand for a stable Internet connection. Those voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) services such as Zoom, Telegram, Slack and Skype require a stable Internet connection to establish conference call,” says Lim.

The company, however, says that the demand for overseas subscription has decreased over the two weeks since Malaysians couldn’t travel.

Lim says the company is providing options for those who have booked the its devices for travel but had to cancel it due to MCO to either get a full refund or change to another date.

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