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KUALA LUMPUR: Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) has unveiled a new addition to its Huawei Watch GT 2 Series - the Huawei Watch GT 2e. Designed to inspire an active lifestyle, the new smartwatch features 100 workout modes ranging from traditional sports to more trendy forms of exercise.

The watch, for the first time, features a blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring. It is also supported by a two-week long battery life.

Among its main features include heart rate monitoring, abnormal heart rate reminders, pressure level monitoring and sleep monitoring features that allow users to understand their health status in real time.

Additionally, the Huawei Watch GT 2e brings improvements in design over the previous generation, including a concealed crown that goes with the watch body to add an extra flourish. New and refreshing colour variants have also been introduced, with Mint Green and Lava Red colours giving consumers a simple yet stylish look.

The Huawei Watch GT 2e is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED high precision touch display supporting a Retina-grade resolution. With this vibrant display, users are always just one tap away from information, even if they are outside on a bright summer’s day.

Meanwhile, The Huawei Watch GT 2 42mm comes in Champagne Gold case edition with straps in two new colours, Frosty White and Chestnut Red, which exude tranquillity and grace.

Besides that, The new the watch also offers a cycle tracking feature catered for female users.

“Like the previous Huawei Watch GT products, the Huawei Watch GT 2e will continue to bring reliable fitness and health management experiences to consumers,” said Huawei CBG’s CEO.

“Huawei places huge importance on fitness and health functions. Since we are upgrading the All-scenario Seamless AI Life strategy in 2020, fitness and health will become an essential user scenario. As technology products are more interconnected with consumers’ lives, HUAWEI will continue to drive technology advancement, improve software and hardware ecosystems, and innovate in wearables to bring smarter fitness and health management experiences driven by technology,” he said in a live streaming event.


The Huawei Watch GT 2e features a sporty design, while the Huawei Watch GT 2’s design is classic. Instead of following traditional designs where the watch face is separated from its strap, it possesses a classic round dial with an integrated strap for a streamlined, modern look – a refreshing take on the future of smartwatches. Its stainless steel body complements the concealed, crown design that blends in with the watch’s curved silhouette. The watch comes in four new colours, which are Graphite Black, Lava Red, Mint Green and Icy White, with the strap made of a soft and comfortable fluororubber.

The dual-colour, breathable TPU material completes a flawless unibody design. All of these features not only highlight how comfortable HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e is to put on, but also underline its durability. Even during intense exercise, fitness and health monitoring is still accurate. It comes equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED high precision touch display which is crisp and colourful, allowing users to see the details clearly even in strong sunlight.


The Huawei Watch GT 2e is minimalistic and robust, its case features a sandblasted surface for better texture. A coat of deep black on the surface subtly reflects light, creating a mesmerising effect that changes with the angle of light shone on the watch.

Huawei has also spiced things up with its new watch faces. By introducing new motion watch faces, which complement fluidity and action when the user is on the move, Huawei is offering even more customisation. Additionally, the new dual time zone theme helps users to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues around the world. The multi-functional watch face allows the user to customise the settings they want, such as selecting what important reminders to receive during the day. If users want the smartwatch to be unique, they can simply choose a photo from their album to be displayed on the watch face.

100 workout modes

The Huawei Watch GT 2e has all the workouts you need, whether you’re into mainstream sports or something a little more experimental.

It supports 15 professional workout modes including eight outdoor activities (running, walking, mountain climbing, hiking, trail running, cycling, open water swimming, triathlon) and seven indoor activities (walking, running, cycling, pool swimming, free training, elliptical machine, rower). In professional workout modes, the watch provides comprehensive monitoring that can track 190 types of data – all to help the users to get the most out of their workout. The watch can also automatically detect 6 professional workout modes, offering a smarter sporting experience.

Besides that, the Huawei Watch GT 2e also supports 85 customised workout modes that cover six categories of sports: extreme, leisure, fitness, aquatics, ball games and winter sports. The activities range from street dance to parkour, rock climbing to yoga, and ballet to boxing.

While users are enjoying their favourite sports, the watch will record key data such as duration, calories burnt, heart rate interval, exercise progress, recovery time and more, providing users with scientific exercise planning and generating an infographic with the data to share on social media with just one click.

The watch also has a large internal storage that can store around 500 mp3 songs, and with Huawei Music and Bluetooth headphones, users can enjoy their custom exercise playlist during their training.

Blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) monitoring

Based on a high-performance heart rate sensor, Huawei’s Truseen 3.5 heart rate monitoring technology, TruRelex stress management technology, and Trusleep 2.0 technology, the Huawei Watch GT 2e allows users to monitor heart rate, stress level and sleep quality in real time, so they can have a full understanding of their health status. When a user's heart rate is too high or too low, the watch will send a prompt reminder. The watch is equipped with Huawei’s proprietary Kirin A1 chip that gives a two-week battery life, assisting users to perform fitness and health management actively and comprehensively.

With the blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) monitoring, users can easily test their SpO2 level and assess their body condition anytime.

Besides that, Huawei also announced the new Frosty White and Chestnut Red variants for Huawei Watch GT 2 42mm with a menstrual management feature. Users can obtain menstrual and fertility reminders through the watch by inputting information such as their menstrual period and cycle length. Also, the cycle predictions can be obtained through Huawei Health App.

The Huawei Watch GT 2e will be available on Huawei Vmall and Huawei Authorised Retailers, EUR199, while Huawei Watch GT 2 42mm is priced at EUR229 (Frosty White) and EUR249 (Chestnut Red). The watches will be available from April, 2020.

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