An aerial view of the ‘World’s Largest Bag’ which towers human beings, being displayed at the Paya Bunga Square in Kuala Terengganu. Pic by ADRIAN DAVID

KUALA TERENGGANU: A giant hand-stitched bag which could fit up to 225 people is drawing large crowds to Paya Bunga Square here.

Touted as the world’s largest bag by the Guinness World Records, the gigantic item is being displayed for ten days at the foyer of the shopping complex here until Aug 5.

The bag’s showcase was organised by the Persatuan Seni Jahitan Kreatif (PSJK), through a collaboration with Pusat Latihan Kraftangan Epal and the Urban Transformation Centre Paya Bunga Square.

PSJK chairman Fully Chye Goet Lee said that the bag was also recognised by international handicraft organisations like Patchwork.

“The idea of the exhibition is to encourage women, especially housewives, to be creative in handicrafts, and to earn some extra income for their household,” said Goet Lee.

The exhibition was launched by wife of the Terengganu Menteri Besar, Toh Puan Seri Halina Zakaria.

Goet Lee said she hopes such an exhibition exposes the public to the wonders of creative stitching, as well as offer them the confidence to venture into cottage businesses.

“Creative stitching has a wide application in the realm of handicrafts, with various opportunities to produce custom-made products.

“People can supplement their income with such innovations,” she said.

Halina urged women here to grab such opportunities and be bold in venturing into businesses to succeed in life.

“One has to be smart to look for opportunities and make the best use of them.

“Do not be afraid to try, especially new ideas,” said Halina.

Meanwhile, the PSJK Handmade Market opened a counter to promote stitched creative products, and to assist single mothers, the physically-challenged, retirees, housewives and youths to become entrepreneurs.

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