Wedding decorators play an important role in setting the entire feel of your wedding so be sure to pick the right one. Pix by @the_calla

DOES getting the perfect decor to beautify a wedding ceremony matter?

Based on personal encounters, modern couples would scream “Yes” in harmony!

Regardless of whether it is for an intimate set-up or an elaborate event, which bride (or groom) would not want their guests to enjoy taking photos at every possible opportunity?

In this age, everything is about getting post-worthy moments. Unless you are having an unplugged wedding, suffice to say at least one of your big day snaps will wind up on social media.

Wedding decorators play an important role in setting the entire feel of your wedding so be sure to pick the right one.

Fret not if you are clueless with the service options. Here are potential decorators I would like to share with you.


Kayangan Gallery knows how to put on a show, decoration-wise. When it comes to luxurious classic-meets-contemporary wedding. it is impossible not to be smitten by the meaningful details. They truly know what a bride wants. Not only is the team great at creating opulent ornamentation, they have the skills to personalise each ceremony in distinct moods.

Reason to follow: They create stunning over-water stage setting (their signature #floatingdais). If that doesn’t take your wedding decor to the next level, I don’t know what will.

pix by Kayangan Gallery


A team of aspiring floral designers and decorators based in Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, Spring Cottage provides an atmospheric wedding inspiration. Whether you want a bright and colourful fiesta or a quaint but cool soiree, this team will fork out ideas that will get you excited. Spring Cottage upholds what event decor is all about — strikingly fun and everlasting.

Reason to follow: Get your digits in for a double-tap marathon!

pix by @spring_cottage


One for romantics, The Calla brings beautiful touches of lush greenery and spectacular blooms to the forefront. Its work portrays the versatility of florals, working with colours and tones to achieve a fresh, rich and warm ambience.

Playing with flowers is certainly not something new in the context of wedding decor but oftentimes, decorators get it wrong by making the arrangements look tacky.

So if you want your wedding to have a picture-perfect setting, it’s best to put your trust in the hands of services such as The Calla.

Reason to follow: A nod towards an elegant botanical vision.

pix by @the_calla


There really is no way of escaping floral arrangements when talking about wedding decor. Muas Mo is another local event stylist you may want to consider if you want to ensure you get it right. His touches are filled with blooming inspirations that are eye candies.

Reason to follow: This decorator has expertise not just in weddings, but also concept events like the FV Bridal launch. Muas Mo will provide a unique and stylish feel to your wedding.

pix by Muas Mo


Dreaming of an eclectic elopement or a free-spirited wedding? Then Marble & Co may just be right for you. Formerly Bliss and Glits, the decorating touches of this stylist are made for the most dreamy golden hour shots — think achingly cool, laid back Bohemian vibes. Even if your ceremony is not significant in size, Marble & Co will make sure that the decor is treated lavishly.

Reason to follow: A rustic and vintage-inspired alternative spin.

pix by Marble & Co

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