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Suits from S Bahar. Photo from Instagram
Flizzow at the MTV EMA. Photo from Instagram

At the MTV European Music Award, rapper Joe Flizzow cut a dashing figure in a suit by designer Shahrin Bahar, writes Nadia Badarudin

“IT was all a dream. Forest Gump flow.”

That was the caption written by hip-hop singer and rapper Joe Flizzow for his photograph which shows him standing next to a life-sized replica of the MTV European Music Award trophy in Spain last week. It was there that Joe created history in the local music industry — he was named Best Southeast Asia Act and became the first Malaysian to win an MTV EMA.

Style-wise, Joe Flizzow cut a dashing figure in a two-button navy suit with a peak lapel complemented with a banded collar white shirt, shades and Nike Cortez sneakers. Suit designer Shahrin Bahar deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.

“Joe Flizzow called me up and he was very patriotic about going to MTV EMA. He said he wasn’t only representing himself there, he was basically putting Malaysia on the map. He wanted a look with a Malaysian touch, created by a Malaysian tailor. So, we came up with something a week before the event.” Shahrin is creative director of Bangsar-based label, S Bahar.


The 33-year-old designer says the suit is made of 100 per cent Italian wool in sea blue.“The ensemble gives him that record executive look; something cool and modern which suits Joe’s personality perfectly.

“The sea blue colour is unique and the fabric has a little shine to it, making the suit appear as a different shade depending on the angle. Besides various shades of blue, it appears darker or even as black on different portals on the Internet,” he adds.

Shahrin graduated in London and has been working abroad in the fashion line for 12 years. Before he came back home in August 2015, he was attached to Nike in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where he was the product designer for Nike Football.

S Bahar specialises in made-to-measure suits. He is working on a line of ready-to-wear for golfers meant for release next year.

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