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Nadia Badarudin checks out the collaboration that resulted in the aereMen x Ruffedge fashion collection

WHO can forget Ruffedge’s hits such as Tiada Lagi Cinta, Da Bomb or Goyang? If you were a teenager back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, it’s likely that you would have danced to its catchy cover versions of Black Dog Bone’s Khayalan or the controversial Tipah Tertipu too!

A decade has passed since the homegrown hip-hop and R&B vocal group went into hiatus.

During the period, the six members of the group - Azan Addin, Zain Hamid, Cat Farish, Mode Abdullah, Syed Hussein and Amer Munawer - have worn many hats and taken on a multitude of roles in their careers and personal lives. However, Ruffedge is back with a bang this year. After its sold-out concert at KL Live in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 8, the group held a concert in Singapore on Oct 6 in conjunction with its 20th anniversary.


Oct 6 marked a new milestone in their careers too as they debuted the aereMen x Ruffedge collection on stage - a fashion collaboration between them and aere, a Malaysian contemporary ready-to-wear label founded by lawyer-turned-social media influencer Raja Nadia Sabrina Raja Ahmad Aminullah.


When the group began its journey in 1997, their styles were a blend of sleek styles and boyish charm infused with cool streetwear influences.

But the aereMen x Ruffedge collection suggests a more matured and polished sense of style.

From casual to formal wear, clean and sleek basic menswear pieces with ease and comfort take centrestage in the collection.

“This is the wardrobe of a modern gentleman. The collection caters to casual and formal occasions, be it that cool streetwear ensemble or sleek black-tie look. The colours, designs and materials used make each piece easy to mix-and-match with your personal style too. The designs are timeless.

“The scarf is a must-have item from this range,” says Syed Hussein.



Crafting comfortable yet creative, innovative and versatile, fashionable pieces, aere has been making waves in the industry since its launch in Oct 2014.

AereMen had previously been part of aere’s Hari Raya collection. The collaboration with Ruffedge signifies the label’s first step to expand the men’s collection to a wider range of work and casual wear.

Working with Ruffedge was an easy decision for the brand due to their versatile nature as a band and their fashion flair, says aere creative director Raja Nadia Sabrina.

“I grew up listening to Ruffedge and admire them for their talents. They have been around for more than two decades and as a fellow Malaysian, I’m proud to see how far they’ve come.

“For me, the group represents something more than just their music. Their image transcends fashion and they carry a positive message. Their identity and stylish looks fit perfectly aereMen’s very own modern and clean with aesthetic. That’s something we as a brand admire and can relate to,” she says.

“Aere is all about versatility, multi-functionality and easy to wear clothes. I want these elements to be part of the menswear as well,” she adds.


The first drop of the collection features a man’s scarf, polo T-shirt, tailored slim shirt, sweater and jogger pants.

The pieces come in navy, black, white and grey, making them easy to mix-and-match with existing wardrobe items.

The man’s scarf, which is made of cotton mix and comes with a cotton tassel fringe, was inspired by the multi functionality of the Rida’ cloth used by Muslims in the Middle East.

Apart from being a fashion accessory, the multi-functional piece can be used as a prayer mat or a blanket too.

Both the polo T-shirt and the tailored slim shirt are made of cotton lacoste fabric that makes each piece light and soft to touch.

The polo T-shirt comes with a high-low vented hem to keep the T-shirt in place when tucked.

Each shirt is versatile and can be easily paired with a suit or worn under a pullover sweater, depending on the occasion.

The collection also comprises a pullover sweater and jogger pants made of cotton fleece fabric for that sporty or laidback yet sophisticated look.

The second drop of the collection was launched on Nov 8, and consisted of formal wear such as suits, among others.

The #aereMen x Ruffedge collection is available exclusively at

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