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Wearing glasses? Here’s how to apply make-up to stand out and turn heads, writes Nadia Badarudin

WEARING prescription glasses may seem like ‘the end of eye make-up’ for some. What’s the point of making an effort when all are hidden behind those glasses, right? Wrong!


The key to make the look stand out is to turn it up with colours and make-up tricks.

Here, NARS Cosmetics shows you how.


Step 1


To create depth and cover up puffy eyes, a good eyeshadow base will do the trick. Apply the skin-complementing Tinted Smudge Proof Eyeshadow (in medium shade) on the upper eyelid as base. Tip: Tone down the eyebrow make-up by choosing a lighter shade.

Step 2


An intense (or defined) look does wonders for the bespectacled. For intense definition, line the eye with purplish Velvet Eyeliner-Blue Lotus. Draw a winged shape on the outer corner of the eye for that youthful, eye-lifted effect. Blend the creamy eyeliner to create a softer look.

Step 3


Give dimension to the eyes by highlighting or contouring. Apply the buttery Eyeshadow Single-Kingston (in matte grey taupe) on the crease for contouring.

Step 4


Play with a little glimmer. Use Eyeshadow Single-Banquise (silver) for that eye-brightening effect, which is significant to add extra sparkle to the whole look and shine behind those glasses.

Step 5


Adding volume and length to the lashes is the most crucial step - and mascara is mandatory. Finish the look with Climax Mascara in black. For volume and length, apply the ‘zig-zag’ motion technique. Start from the roots of the lashes and brush upwards in zig-zag motion. For lower lashes, hold the brush vertically and “bring out” the lashes using the tip. Then hold the brush horizontally and go downwards.

After eye make-up

Model: Affy Nur

Make-up artist: Ginnie Wong

Make-up: NARS Autumn 2018 collection

Picture credit: NSTP/Nurul Syazana Rose Razman

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