Neelofa says it’s a dream come true to have the shoes designed for her. Photos by Salhani Ibrahim.
“Dazzling Liza for Neelofa” comes in light blue suede encrusted with iridescent crystals.
The “Mirror Liza for Neelofa” is wrapped in silver/rose gold metallic leather.
The shoes were inspired by Neelofa’s fashion forward attitude.

Footwear by an Italian label has drawn inspiration from a local fashion icon, writes Meera Murugesan.

THERE are some things which are not for the faint hearted – rollercoasters, sky diving and just about anything else that throws you off balance.

I would add the Giuseppe Zanotti designed shoes for local fashion icon, Neelofa to the list.

While gorgeously crafted and stunning to look at, these are not footwear for the average woman, especially if you’re actually considering walking.

These are the kind of heels (and they are as high as one can go) you slip on to sit on the sofa and cross your legs at a dinner party so everyone gets a glimpse of your fabulous footwear.

Zanotti, the Italian luxury footwear and fashion designer known for his sculptural, jewelled heels and fashion forward sneakers, designed the exclusive collection inspired by Neelofa’s unique style and forward-thinking fashion attitude.

The “Dazzling Liza for Neelofa” and “Mirror Liza for Neelofa” styles were launched recently as part of the Spring/Summer 2020 collection and are available in limited quantities at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Giuseppe Zanotti boutique.

“It’s every girl’s dream to have a pair of shoes specially designed for them and my dream designer has always been Giuseppe Zanotti. It’s been 10 years since I owned my first pair of Zanotti and it is indeed a dream come true for me to have him design something that reflects my personality.

“I hope all my fans will like this collection and will share the same excitement when they slip their feet into a pair of these exclusive styles,” says Neelofa.

The “Dazzling Liza for Neelofa” comes in light blue suede encrusted with iridescent crystals that exude femininity and confidence while the “Mirror Liza for Neelofa” is wrapped in silver/rose gold metallic leather, striking a bold finish.

Zanotti and Neelofa met in Paris in June to discuss the finer details of the creation. It was their second meet up after she made an appearance at the Giuseppe Zanotti Fall Winter 2019 presentation in Milan in February. In September, the pair met up again when Neelofa attended the presentation of the Women’s Spring Summer 2020 collection, also in Milan.

“Neelofa embodies the character of a modern, confident woman, unapologetic of her own personal style. It’s been a real pleasure to get to know her and to work together to create the perfect shoe,” says Zanotti.

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