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The Juliette collection celebrates femininity while focusing on modest style.
The Premium Denim collection features jeans in classic bootcut to relaxed boyfriend, from high-rise skinny to cropped wide-legged.

A local fashion label launches two collections simultaneously to meet different tastes, writes Kasmiah Mustapha.

SINCE it began 10 years ago, local fashion brand Poplook has always offered collections that are timeless, with looks that transcend all ages and fit all sizes. While it has changed its business approach over the years, one thing continues — its trademark as a feminine, classic and modest brand.

This can be seen in two of its latest collections — the premium denim and Juliette.

Nik Amanina Liyana, head of fashion design at Poplook, says the decision to launch both collections at the same time is to make sure that the brand constantly offers something new and different for customers.

“Poplook is a one-stop shop for all things modest and operates within a fast changing industry. It is not uncommon for launches to happen very close to one another or sometimes even simultaneously. The winds of fashion are everchanging and customers are kept up-to-date with quick launches.

“The Poplook brand and design are a culmination of conversations and feedback from our customers. The qualities that appeal to the women in Malaysia are universal to any woman, for example, fashionable items of good quality and at affordable prices,” she says.


The premium denim and Juliette collections, while still catering to customers from all walks of life, have different approaches to design and style. Nik Amanina says that while keeping the brand’s target customers in mind, the two collections also stay true to Poplook’s usual styles and design.

Modesty is at the heart of the brand and that has not changed, but at the same time quality, fit, affordability and style remain the backbone of the business.

The premium denim collection is Poplook’s move to meet the demand of every woman who wishes to wear denim and not wanting to look out of place.

Nik Amanina says regardless of time and age, denim always has a place in fashion and for Poplook, creating styles that meet customers’ sense of fashion is the answer.

“Denim has never left the fashion scene. Whether it is bedazzled, embroidered, or acid-washed, denim is here to stay. Poplook has introduced denim in the past to very good response.

“We are stepping up with the Premium Denim Collection. We recognise the longevity of a good pair of jeans. So it made sense to offer a range of denim in great fabrics. One that you will reach for over and over.”

She says the collection, which took almost a year to make, consists of all the must-have styles. From the classic bootcut to relaxed boyfriend, from high-rise skinny to cropped wide-legged, there is a style that fits every one in all the right places.

To ensure the collection is up to the brand’s as well as customer standards, the design team spent months finding the right fabric before taking on the daunting task of sampling every style in multiple sizes, knowing the importance of fit when it came to denim.

Nik Amanina says that during the design process the team distilled everything they had drawn out to the most classic silhouettes.

“The fabrics are either 100 per cent cotton or cotton mixed with spandex. They are of high quality and will stand the test of time. Buttons and rivets have been customised with Poplook’s branding for that added premium touch.”


For women who want a different style and look, the Juliette Collection celebrates femininity while focusing on modest style. It highlights florals, scallop edges and ruffles in pastel hues for women with strong personalities but with a feminine outlook. This is a perfect collection for day-to-day wear as well as for lounging at hipster cafes on weekends.

The collection includes tie string cardigans, drawstring blouses, maxi dresses, collar blazers, button shirts, and kimono-style maxi dresses, as well as maternity blouses and print square head scarves.

Nik Amanina says the entire production process for the Juliette collection took about five months, from sketching to sampling, and alterations to fabric.

“Unabashedly feminine with a generous dose of scallop hems and puff shoulders. You’ll be spoilt for choice with this collection. As always, we have designed some classic pieces to match.

“The designs aim to celebrate womanhood, which comes in all forms. In many ways, we celebrate this diversity and continue to uphold inclusivity within our pieces.

“So whether you feel most confident in a scallop-edged suit, or a soft flowy floral blouse, ultimately, we would like to think that this collection offers you the opportunity to dress in what you think emphasises your femininity, even if it is only a simple striped shirt over pants.”

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