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As Jenner’s bank account grew bigger, her lips grew plumper.
Swift has evolved from tween superstar to sophisticated chanteuse.
Gaga used to have a ‘unique’ sense of style but she went for more elegant looks in recent years.
Stewart has come a long way since her Twilight days.
Amidst changes in her personal life, Markle’s style is always chic and classy.

A LOT can change in a decade. Ten years ago Instagram didn’t rule our lives, Kylie Jenner’s lips were still fairly thin, it was the start of Bieber fever and heavy eyeliner was the way to make a statement.

But we ditched that make-up trend and made way for the no make-up make-up look.

Just like us, celebrities go through their own transformations except that they experience it in the public eye. When it comes to appearance, there was a time when our favourite A-list Hollywood celebrities weren’t as fabulous-looking as they are now. Looking back at the past decade, many celebrities have undergone transformations. Check out these celebrities who now look different.


She’s the ultimate trendsetter for millennials. This young billionaire, who rose to fame through the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, went from being known as just the youngest Kardashian to a young mogul.

As her bank account grew bigger, her lips grew plumper and fans took notice of this back in 2014. Rumours began to circulate that she had gone under the knife but in 2015 she revealed that she had had lip fillers. Now, Kylie’s full lips are what make her recognisable. She is also the proud owner of her successful lip kit line.


Remember when she was a curly-haired country cutie who sang songs about boys in dresses and cowboy boots? She has certainly evolved from tween superstar to sophisticated chanteuse.

From rocking her signature side bangs and curls, she slowly switched things up with slick-straight locks, before going through her dark blonde and red lips phase. In 2015 she chopped her hair, giving us Anna Wintour vibes, then went platinum blonde. During her Reputation era, she sported a darker and edgier look with dark blonde locks again.

And now in her Lover era, she maintains shoulder-length hair with natural looking make-up. If there is one artiste who has been through many transformations — it’s Taylor!


She used to wow us with her err ...very unique sense of style (anyone remember the meat dress?). Anyway, her looks were nothing short of bold. Her ever-changing hairstyle and super creative make-up almost always made headlines. And she complemented her looks with immense talent.

She was the ultimate fearless woman when it came to self-expression. From waist-length hair topped with a bow, to bright yellow hair at the 2010 Grammy Awards, then slime-green hair, and silver hair paired with green eye make-up, Lady Gaga went for a more sophisticated look in 2018. There were more elegant updos and relaxed make-up looks. Wonder what else she has in store for the new decade?


This actress has come a long way since her Twilight days. For a red carpet event in 2008, she paired her brunette locks with subtly smokey eyes and rosy cheeks.

When we first came to know of her, she was all about brunette hair. But she didn’t stick to that for long. As she grew older, we witnessed her transformation in into a sophisticated woman. She played with make-up, keeping things natural with nude lips and then going bold with red lipstick.

In 2014 she sported an edgy, short haircut. And in 2017, she debuted her platinum blonde hair at a film premiere in Los Angeles. Since then she has been all about edgy haircuts. She displayed dirty blonde hair at a Chanel fashion show in Paris last year.


Well, if there’s anyone who tops the transformation list, it has to be Meghan Markle. She went from Hollywood royalty to British royalty when she married Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

But even back in 2009, Meghan was often spotted with a natural make-up look, one that we’re used to seeing today. Her look is subtle with a hint of blush and eye make-up.

She almost always keeps her lips nude and she doesn't experiment too much with hair besides her caramel highlights. Even for her wedding, she stayed true to herself and kept things minimal, opting for natural make-up. She is often seen with her signature loose bun at royal outings. Simply put, Meghan’s been keeping it chic and classy since 2009.

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