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(L-R) Ratu, Astera and Zhen – Designer Meichi Phoon was inspired to create chinoiserie elements in the collection.
(L-R) Samarra, Jessnor and Luna – Meichi wants to bring hand embroidery back into the spotlight.

With emphasis on hand embroidery and Chinese motifs, a new collection offers splendid choices, writes Kasmiah Mustapha.

THE main attraction of Meichi’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is hand embroidery.

The fashion brand wants to bring the technique back into the spotlight, as over the years it has been taken over by machines.

The embroidery adorns pieces that feature Chinese motifs, with artistic elements of flowers and birds, harmonised with the concepts of “moon-gate” and jade in the embellishments.

The moon-gate is unique to Chinese architecture and is meant to offer an auspicious welcome and fortune to those who pass through it.

Designer Meichi Phoon, who crafted the embroidery, was inspired to create chinoiserie elements in the collection that embraces the East meets West concept.

The collection comprises 11 designs — Samarra, Renda, Luna, Astera, Ivory, Zhen, Ratu, Junn, Laven, Jessnor, Bulan, Maya and Sherleya ­— and includes two-piece ensembles and combinations of kebaya and cheongsam.

The two-piece Astera, a top and long skirt, has an embroidered and beaded bodice that features asymmetric tulle side details.

Made from luxurious Duchess satin in white, the bodice features hand embroidery of a humming bird that symbolises tenacity and endurance, while chrysanthemum signifies vitality. Pearls are placed on the curved cuffs and collars, enhancing the opulent finish.

Ratu meanwhile combines a kebaya neckline with a signature cheongsam cut and a single slit at the front. The dual tone lace embroidery from the neckline down, clearly stands out on the red-coloured dress. Pearl buttons adorn the lace scallops, resembling the roundness of the moon.

Another exclusive design is the Luna, featuring soft dual shades of blue and blush, crafted from Duchess satin and Chantilly lace.

Half moon scallop cuts on the sleeves and hem add charm to the dress. If you prefer a sleeveless gown, just drop the add-on lace sleeves.

A throwback to the grandeur of Chinese clothing in the early days, Jessnor’s design features two fabrics diagonally joined at the chest, mimicking a traditional qipao.

Modern contrast jacquard fabric in gold and olive, featuring signature floral motifs, gives the ensemble a fresh contemporary elegance. Chinese hand-knotted tassels embellish the look.

Ivory is suitable for those who prefer the less is more concept.

The Chinese-themed floral bead embroidery on the outfit is hand-sewn in pastel shades, adding intricacy to the dress. Embossed jacquard fabric adds texture and details, while its structure allows a little bit of bounce for the skirt.

Another short two-piece dress is the Samarra which can be worn together or as separate pieces.

A button-less V-neck cheongsam collar and hand-placed lace applique in a round shape that imitates the moon-gate, highlights the simple design.

If two-piece dresses or gowns are not your style, then Zhen is the perfect design for you. It comes with a chinoiserie floral and bird themed top that pairs with palazzo trousers.

Zhen is made from jacquard and reconceptualises the elegance of the samfu.

In dark red, the design stands out with moon-gate characters incorporated in the neckline, making the ensemble unique. The two-piece ensemble is also versatile and works well as separates.

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