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A piece from Qeelin's Wulu Red Agate Collection.
Fendi's reimagined Baguette bag in sequin.
A piece from Longchamp's Chinese New Year collection.
H&M brings on power couple Zanillia Zhao and William Feng.

Global brands are courting Chinese customers with their lunar new year special projects, writes Syahirah Mokhtazar

FOR major retail brands, celebrations like the Lunar New Year is more than just a holiday.

It’s an opportunity to capitalise on the sizable Chinese market. In fact, fashion and beauty brands all over the world have been courting customers for many years now with limited-edition collections to commemorate the festive season.

In an era where the fashion industry has embraced inclusivity and diversity, it is not surprising to see Western brands going the extra mile to engage with the Chinese culture and its people.

Releasing Chinese New Year collections requires careful navigation as brands need an in-depth cultural understanding of the Lunar New Year’s traditions and symbols.

The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle. According to, the animal represents wealth and generosity. The rat also represents diligence and thriftiness as they are resourceful and take advantage of opportunities well.


For three years, Longchamp has worked with Chinese fashion blogger Tao Liang, professionally known as Mr Bags, to design limited edition collections.

Just like last year’s collection for the Year of the Pig which saw designs that came with a playful twist, Liang continues to inject some cheekiness in her designs for the Year of the Rat.

Inspired by the concept of Chihuo which means foodie in Chinese, the collection includes handbags of different sizes and a T-shirt features a bright yellow cheese pattern.

The super mini Le Pliage bag and the Longchamp classic are meant to resemble a tiny mouse with a long zipper that acts as a tail. The rest of the bags come with hidden cheese flaps.


Fashion giant H&M takes a slightly different approach for its Chinese New Year collection, leveraging on star power. The brand chooses to collaborate with popular celebrity couple Zanillia Zhao and William Feng to be the faces of its Chinese New Year campaign.

The collection features contemporary designs and motifs that echo the festive season translated across a curation of menswear, womenswear, and teens as well as children’s wear.

The collection also features designs with rich red hues.

Italian fashion house Fendi knows a thing or two about pulling off Chinese New Year capsules with memorable and sleek designs, and this year is no exception.

For this collection, consumers are treated to its classic Peekabo and Baguette reimagined in gorgeous shades of pink, glitter pink and rose gold.

Men aren’t excluded from this collection too. There are an assortment of accessories such as the crossbody bag, sneakers and cardholders designed with motifs of mouse and monster for men.


Jewellery brand Qeelin takes inspiration from Chinese symbolism.

The attractive Wulu Red Agate Collection for Chinese New Year features a range of necklaces and even interchangeable bracelets as well as earrings which all come in 18k rose gold with diamonds and reg agate.

According to the brand, it is believed that Wulu possesses magical powers and brings good fortune as well as positive energy.

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