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TRUST superstar Rihanna to give her best in everything she does.

From being inclusive in foundation shades for her Fenty Beauty by Rihanna line to taking time in launching a product until she gets it right, fans wait with bated breath because what she rolls works.

The brand recently launched its Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara (RM112), dubbed as the “ultimate do-it-all mascara designed for full-on, fanned-out eye-opening lashes.”

It features a flat-to-fat brush that instantly volumises, lifts, lengthens and curls so this is the only one you need for an eye-opening experience.

The brush has a flat and fat side, for curling and volumising, respectively.


The brand promises “full-on lashes like never before”, designed to deliver Rihanna’s full lash look, thanks to the brush.

Full Frontal’s lightweight, ultra black formula was specifically paired with an exclusive flat-to-fat brush. The fat side quickly loads and lifts lashes while the flat side defines and curls.

Thanks to the round, pointed tip, you can load up and reveal every little lash you never knew you had. We’re talking flat to fat… just like that.

“I like to get every single little lash to expose them all. I wanted to make sure this mascara lets you do that. You get volume, lift, and curl all with one product and this amazing brush,” Rihanna says of the product, the first mascara launched by Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

Rihanna says she wants a mascara that lifts, volumes and curls.


Full Frontal builds easily, giving you plenty of play time to layer, define and whatever it is you need to do to create the look you want.

And thanks to the longwear, water-resistant formula life — tested by Rihanna herself — this mascara keeps lashes fully exposed from root to tip until you’re ready to wash it off.

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