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Homegrown brand Goodpair Socks believes that little things make life wonderful, like a good pair of socks.

Clothes can exert a powerful influence on our behaviour and mood, and this includes hidden essentials like socks, which is why they put a lot of thought into designing socks that not only accentuate an outfit, but evoke that good feeling.

For many years, the brand has released multiple sock collections through The Kawan Project, which is an extended division under the company that brings together collaborations with parties from different fields.

An example would be the Three-Legged Pair collection which was a project between Fictionist Studio and the socks brand a few years ago.

Recently, it released Luna Island, a collaboration with Lunabarcoffee, a café in Penang which is situated in a residential area. The design of the socks draws inspiration from the brand’s own imagination of what Luna Island is.

The collaboration between Goodpair Socks and Lunabarcoffee.
The collaboration between Goodpair Socks and Lunabarcoffee.

“What inspired our collection is a scene pictured in our mind, of this island with bright moonlight that shines down on this gorgeous sea surface, with random water ripple at different parts, blending a serene night with some uncertainty. The whole scene calms the mind and brings inner peace,” explains co-founder Sam Wong.

The collection offers one design that isn’t overly funky with over-the-top pattern. Instead, it adds a subtle dash of quirkiness to an outfit by using minimal colour combination and simple geometric lines to draw various echoing elements.

It’s minimalism with a playful twist designed across four shades – khaki, beige, black and blue. Made with high quality cotton blend and spandex, all styles are suitable for men and women.

As it is proudly designed and made in Malaysia, the brand understands the challenges of living in a tropical country so rest assured, the socks are comfortable to wear.

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