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SEARCH “beauty trends 2020” on the Internet and you’ll find dozens of articles with headlines such as “Beauty Trends to Watch Out For in 2020” or “Beauty Industry Trends That Will Shape 2020” published by online magazines. If you want to keep up with what’s cool and new in the beauty landscape, all you need to do is just scroll through your social media feed.

While make-up artists and hairstylists still play a vital role in the beauty space, trends are also dictated by celebrities, beauty influencers and YouTubers who have also made their own mark in the industry.

All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling. Remember Ellie Choi? This aspiring make-up artist from Los Angeles created up a storm on the Internet with her skincare routine to achieve “glass skin”.

It was a similar situation back in the 90s and early 2000s when glossy magazine pages were our main source of beauty inspiration. Of course, this has now transitioned into Instagram feeds and YouTube tutorials.

Ellie Choi and her glass skin skincare routine. (Photo:
Ellie Choi and her glass skin skincare routine. (Photo:


In any publication, upcoming products and beauty trend predictions will be reported by beauty writers and editors before they reach the masses.

These days, the lifespan of a beauty trend is shorter as people are constantly hungry for what’s next. Case in point: squiggly eyebrows and faux freckles.

In this social media age, beauty content has moved on from write-ups to videos and tutorials (a crowd favourite).

Whenever a beauty trend sets in, loads of tutorial videos will be uploaded on how to achieve the look and where to purchase the products.

This ultimately influences consumer purchasing patterns too, proving that beauty trends play an important role in driving the beauty industry.

The following are my predictions on beauty trends that will be around for a while.

Virtual App by Sephora allows you to see how a product will turn out.
Virtual App by Sephora allows you to see how a product will turn out.


Of late, the words “beauty” and “tech” are often intertwined. There are virtual “try-on” apps which allow people to test shades of lipsticks or eyeshadows through their smart phones. While not necessarily 100 per cent accurate, many find them useful as they give them an idea of how a product will turn out against their skin tone.

Another innovation involves smart beauty tools. I’m sure you’ve heard brands like Foreo, which offers a range of smart facial brushes and toothbrushes.

By linking the product with its app, one can tailor one’s cleansing routine based on specific skin needs. It works via the brush, which is able to analyse one’s skin condition. Also, we now live in a world where we can print make-up. Bigger things are definitely happening in the near future.

Print make-up will only grow bigger (
Print make-up will only grow bigger (


Besides brands like Lush, more and more beauty brands are becoming environmentally-friendly. For example, Dior has taken out excess cardboard, cellophane and paper leaflets in its products in a bid to cut down packaging waste.

Neal’s Yard Remedies houses its products in recyclable glass and 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles. I believe more brands will join the bandwagon.


Celebrities turning into beauty moguls are nothing new and I predict this trend will only grow. Recently, Selena Gomez announced she will launch her beauty line called Rare Beauty in Sephora. She’s following in the footsteps of superstars such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga. Well, it’s only a matter of time before more celebrities follow suit.

The faux freckles trend. (Photo:
The faux freckles trend. (Photo:


In recent months, the beauty world was abuzz with an ingredient called cannabidiol (or CBD). Another trendy ingredient was saffron, the world’s most expensive spice.

The beauty industry is constantly discovering new and super ingredients that can be incorporated into skincare or make-up. As customers are always looking for ways to benefit natural ingredients, I believe the quest to discover more such natural ingredients won’t stop anytime soon.

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