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In line with a global interest in health and wellness, natural haircare is trending, with superfood ingredients for hair and scalp.

THE superfood trend has moved from the smoothie bowl to your bathroom shelf, thanks to a growing interest in health and wellness.

Natural haircare is a booming segment and a 180-degree turn from the chemical-laden field it once was.

Shampoos are famous for containing foaming agents that are hard on the skin and products like hair spray, aside from styling, does nothing to improve health hair.

Aveda, the natural brand under the Estee Lauder Group, is enjoying the focus on natural haircare.

Already a strong player in the natural skincare industry, it is now making waves in the haircare industry.

It partners with reputable salons in the city, most of which have realised that customers prefer a natural path in treating their hair and scalp.

Grace Salon in Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur, uses Aveda in its hair services and treatments.

Proprietor Grace Leong says Aveda’s latest range, Nutriplenish, is a good option for those looking to hydrate dry hair.

Aveda Nutriplenish hair range to help hair hydration.
Aveda Nutriplenish hair range to help hair hydration.


The line features the brand’s Superfood Complex, including omega-5-rich pomegranate oil to keep hair hydrated.

This range is silicone-free, vegan, cruelty-free and 94 per cent naturally-derived. It is formulated to address hydration for all hair types that goes on for 72 hours.

As I have oily scalp, my Nutriplenish hair treatment is combined with the Pramasana scalp treatment to help balance the scalp of my skin.

My hair is fine and my scalp is dry so not all products in this line suit me.

Although it sounds unlikely, I find the Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil useful. This naturally derived and lightweight concentrated oil has multiple uses. For me, this is used to treat the flakes on my scalp.

Post-scrubbing using the scalp brush, the oil helps balance dry scalp which in turn, will make it healthier and promote hair growth.

Of course, you can also use it at the ends of the hair or help add gloss to your thick tresses.

The Shampoo Light Moisture is made for those with fine to medium hair. It is lightweight and helps dry hair with fast-absorbing hydration. Pair this with the Light Conditioner. On me, it is used only lightly.

If your hair is dry, then the Deep Moisture variant is better. It has 50 per cent more butter to hydrate thick hair.


Aside from pomegranate oil, the range contains organic coconut oil and mango butter that hydrate hair.

Aveda vice-president of research and development Christina Hall says coconut oil is known to penetrate hair strands for nourishment and pomegranate oil and mango butter help smooth and nourish the surface of the hair.

“Pomegranate oil has powerful nutritional benefits for hair, is rich in omega 5 fatty acid and helps revitalise dull, dry hair with hydration and protect it from depletion.”

The best part of the treatment is that my hair feels light and bouncy and it remained so for the next two days. My scalp, which was itchy for a few days, doesn’t feel itchy anymore. But when it does — scalp build-up happens over time — I know which oil to reach out for.

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