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 This spinner is light and stylish.
This spinner is light and stylish.

NOT too long ago, I watched a video of a girl who pushed a four-wheeler (in an airport, from the looks of the background), got on top of it and fell horrifically on the floor. It scared me to bits. My toddler perceives everything as a toy, so anything dangerous should not be placed within his reach.

After watching that video, I don’t leave my packed luggage standing with wheels on the floor. I lay it flat, so the best it could be is a step or a small stage for my son.

That said, a four-wheeler, popularly called a spinner, is an integral part of modern travel.

It used to be a luxury, but now it’s a must. It helps travellers move faster in airports and they can move along with their luggage, instead of pulling, like what they need to do with a two-wheeler.

For the last 10 years or so, my Samsonite Cosmolite has been my travel companion.

It is light with a wheel swivel and the shell-like shape allows for optimum packing. There’s no outside pocket, so no matter how much I stuff in it, its shape stays.

 The Lite-Box has four multi-directional, double wheels for easy manoeuvre.
The Lite-Box has four multi-directional, double wheels for easy manoeuvre.


Last year, Samsonite upped its game by launching the Lite-Box, said to “meet the expectations of the discerning traveller looking for the best materials combined with a contemporary design”.

It looks like my Cosmolite but more angular and instead of a shell silhouette on it, it has angular lines.

A lot has improved in luggage material after 19 years (Cosmolite was launched in 2008) and the new luggage is made with the Curv woven material and is among the lightest and sturdiest around.

The large volume boxy case in dynamic vertical design will appeal to those who like clean, minimal design and the angular corners provide outside corner protections.

I like the double tube pull handle that can be extended to a higher level. This makes travelling easier. You can carry a second luggage on top of your case.

What I don’t like is the divider on both shells of the bag. I know the manufacturers means well, as this allows for neat organisation. I prefer a cross ribbon so I have extra space to play around.

But the make-or-break of a spinner is the wheels and the Lite-Box has four multi-directional, double wheels for easy manoeuvre. This one moves smoothly on tiles or carpets.

But like the video, the smoother the wheels, the more dangerous it is for toddlers and small children, so always remember to keep your luggage close, and your children closer.

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