Dr Soo Winnci says wushu seems to be the perfect recreational activity for her.

IT seems that there is nothing Dr Soo Winnci cannot achieve.

After spending six years working on her PhD in Business Administration, the 32-year-old singer and actress is challenging herself by mastering a new craft — Chinese martial arts or wushu.

The Petaling Jaya-born former beauty queen is taking wushu classes at an academy in Taman Megah, in Petaling Jaya .

“It has always been my dream to take up wushu.

“I love the fluidity that each movement, kick and punch create.

“I have always wanted to take up martial arts that feature soft and graceful movement but also firm at the same time.

“So wushu seems to be the perfect recreational activity for me,” she told the New Straits Times.

She constantly shares updates on her wushu journey via her Instagram account @dr.soowincci.

Holding on to the age old adage that learning is a lifelong journey, Soo is always challenging herself at picking up new skills and crafts.

“You’ll never know those new skills might come in handy one day,” said the multi-hyphenated artiste, who is also a skilled pianist and accomplished pole dancer.

The Terus Teranglah-singer is busy travelling the country and conducting motivational talks to university students.

Recently, she released a motivational book entitled Inwinccible X.

In it, she wrote about her journey in becoming an artiste, as well as juggling her time between work and family.

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