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Afdlin Shauki (right) says he and business partner, Datuk AC Mizal, had decided to work on the new TV station project since last month.

A NEW television station that offers viewers original musical programmes, comedies, reality shows, feel-good dramas and motivational documentaries will arrive in December, courtesy of celebrities Afdlin Shauki and Datuk AC Mizal.

Called Syiok TV, it is a joint venture between Afdlin’s company Vision Works and AC’s DNF Group.

“We decided to work on this new TV station project since last month as we have ideas we’re ‘itching’ to share, that could not make it to the existing stations,” said Afdlin recently.

While AC has obtained a broadcast licence from the Communications and Multimedia Ministry in December last year, he decided to work with Afdlin in realising the project.

“We share similar thoughts of improving TV content, and since we’ve known each other for some time, it’s best that we work together,” said Afdlin, who co-starred with AC in the musicals Cuci and Baik Punya Cilok.

Afdlin and AC have yet to decide if Syiok TV becomes a terrestrial channel or one for subscribers only.

“We’ll announce its medium and programme content in December,” said Afdlin, adding that there were plans to have the content available online.

The station will have three channels that run six hours a day. Broadcast hours will gradually increase to eight and finally 12.

“The first channel is a variety channel with musical programmes and reality shows, while the second is dedicated to comedy challenges and situational comedies. As for the third, it is motivational, with feel good films and series, motivational talks and interviews with famous personalities. In every channel, there will be half an hour of news daily,” Afdlin said.

While Afdlin and AC double as executive producers of Syiok TV, they will rope in producers and directors for individual programmes. They are also auditioning hosts and actors for their station.

“We’ll eventually have some shows screened on established channels, as we have good relations with them. And from time to time, we’ll co-host or star in Syiok TV productions, especially those we like most.”

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