Indonesian artiste Anggun is proud to partner with Universal Music Asia on her new English album.

UNIVERSAL Music Asia has signed iconic Indonesian artiste Anggun to a one-of-a-kind pan-Asian recording deal. Anggun’s highly anticipated new English album is expected to be released by year-end.

“I’m proud to partner with Universal Music Asia on this album. The team is amazing and dedicated to music and artistes. I have been working hard on my new English album, writing songs while having short breaks during my tour across France and Belgium over the past few months.

“I’m excited to showcase several collaborations with some of the most talented songwriters and producers that I had ever worked with,” said Anggun.

A World Music Award winner, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and Asia’s Got Talent judge, Anggun has achieved global recognition and her debut album Snow On The Sahara sold over two million copies outside Asia.

This album achieved triple-platinum status in Italy, platinum in France and gold in Switzerland and the single Snow On The Sahara, charted in the Billboard Top 20 (Pop Songs and Dance Charts).

Since then, her songs have charted in various countries, and she has performed in hundreds of concerts across Europe.

Last year, she had the privilege of entering the cast of famous wax figures at Madame Tussaud’s Bangkok Museum.

Universal Music Asia-Pacific president George Ash said: “Anggun is without doubt an incredibly talented artiste. Throughout her career, she has been lauded around the world, and she is the best-selling Southeast Asian female artiste.

“She has countless international accolades and her work on Asia’s Got Talent will lay the foundation for future generations of artistes. We are very proud to be working on her forthcoming English album.”

Anggun’s new single is expected for release next month and the album launch date will be announced shortly.

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