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Singer and actress Marsha Milan Londoh. Pix by ADI SAFRI

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer and actress Marsha Milan Londoh is under no pressure to have kids yet even though many of her fellow artistes have already started families of their own.

“No pressure and no worries at all. It’s just that sometimes I wonder, after seeing friends having their cute babies, when our turn would be. But all in good time and with God’s blessings everything will turn out right,” she was reported to have said during a recent entertainment event.

The 31-year-old Sabahan pop singer added that her family and parents-in-law have been very supportive and have never made an issue out of it.

“We’re not rushing it and they’re fine with that. What’s of importance to them is that I take good care of my health. They’ve shared some advice and tips on keeping healthy but that’s about it,” said Marsha, who married businessman Mohamed Shaiful Nizam Mohamed Ismail in 2015.

“People say that when you think too much about it, it won’t happen, so I’m just freeing up my mind. God-willing, it will happen at the right time,” said the fan favourite from Akademi Fantasia Season 3, who will be participating in AF Megastar which airs this Sunday.

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