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Aziz M. Osman with his son-in-law, Adi Akmal Sehrom, and his daughter, Puteri Nur Asyiqin.

HAVING children who follow in your footsteps into showbusiness is a celebration, but for Aziz M. Osman, an in-law in the industry is also equally wonderful.

The 55-year-old veteran director and actor recently welcomed a new addition to the family.

Aziz’s second child, Puteri Nur Asyiqin Aziz, 24, tied the knot to TV Alhijrah newscaster and nasyid singer Adi Akmal Sehrom, 31, from the group Devotees.

Having seen his eldest, Puteri Nurul Fatehah, 29, marry a graphic designer two years ago, Aziz has hoped that Nur Asyiqin would find a husband from the entertainment scene.

“And now, I’ve got my wish!” he said when interviewed by the New Straits Times recently.

“All my seven children share my love of music, television and film, but none of them has thought of becoming an actor, producer or host. That’s okay, as long as they take their careers seriously,” he added.

However, Aziz and Adi may have different tastes in entertainment. Adi appreciates nasyid music and dramas with spiritual messages, while Aziz loves science fiction films and comedies, and listens to Asli music, contemporary ballads and golden oldies.

“We have different tastes no doubt, but when we meet, Adi is always interested to know about my latest projects,” said Aziz.

“From time to time, we end up chatting about Malaysian films, especially those which starred legends such as Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Nordin Ahmad and Datuk Ahmad Mahmud, as well as Datuk Sudirman Arshad’s songs.”

Aziz commends his son-in-law for his impeccable manners, soft-spoken and gentlemanly ways, and most importantly, his ability to give-and-take with Nur Asyiqin when it comes to major decisions.

“I admire his open-mindedness; he allows her to speak her mind freely. They complement each other perfectly,” he said.

Adi and Nur Asyiqin were married at Aziz’s house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, at 10.40am on Sept 30. Nur Asyiqin’s mother, actress and producer Nur Aliah Lee — who was Aziz’s former wife — was also present.

When asked about his ongoing projects, Aziz said he would be filming scenes for his new science fiction comedy XX-Ray 3 in Amman and Petra, Jordan, for two weeks beginning Oct 25.

A sequel to XX-Ray 2, which was screened in 1995, it stars Izzue Islam, Mazlan and Nonny Nadirah Zainuddin.

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