Lee Hong-ki is currently is recovering and will start filming of Night Goblin.

KUALA LUMPUR: Fans of Lee Hong-ki became concerned after seeing the South Korean singer and actor’s Instagram post today which described his hospital visit.

The leading man of the K-Rock band FT Island was supposed to be filming the variety show Night Goblin on the same day.

In order to alleviate his fans’ concerns, his agency FNC Entertainment had released a statement to say that Lee was only suffering from boils.

“Lee Hong-ki went to the hospital to be treated for his boils. He has received the necessary treatment and is currently recovering.

“He will be going to the filming of Night Goblin later today,” the representative said, according to Soompi.

The Instagram post featured a photo of his forearm that had an IV drip stuck to it. Making it more worrisome was his caption that said, “#Ah #Thisisfrustrating #Please #Getbettersoon”.

Previously, Lee, 27, had spoken in public about his boils on different TV programmes.

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