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Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura Sharifuddin tied the knot last night at a private ceremony.

KUALA LUMPUR: Four days after they announced that they had been engaged on Nov 13, popular artistes Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura Sharifuddin finally wed last night.

The pair officially became husband and wife at 9.50pm after the 27-year-old actor recited the wedding pledge once in front of family members and close friends at a private ceremony held at a leading hotel here.

While Fazura, 34, looking resplendent in a baju kurung designed by her favourite designer duo Rizman Ruzaini, Fattah looked sharp in a matching baju Melayu.

Although many knew of the relationship between the two artistes, neither of them had confirmed how far was their relationship prior to the announcement made last week, preferring to elude the questions by asking fans to only pray for the best for both of them.

While certain quarters could smell that something was brewing ahead of Nov 13, both Fattah and Fazura remained tight-lipped on their engagement or nuptials plan.

The day came and passed by, without any news on their marriage plans, although a private do which took place at Fazura’s grandmother’s house in Petaling Jaya two days before they left to perform Umrah in Mecca.

Last Thursday, upon their arrival from Saudi Arabia, they held a press conference to announce their engagement which had actually taken place on Nov 13, adding that their wedding will follow suit soon.

They however did not disclose the exact date of their “akad nikah”.

Their love story began when the two starred in the serial drama Hero Seorang Cinderella, which prompted fans to come up with the hashtag #Fattzura on social media.

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