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Hannah Delisha has recorded a duet with Zizan Razak for the Astro First Exclusive telemovie, ‘Baby Bro!’

HANNAH Adlina Blackburne Birch earned her stage name Hannah Delisha from being one half of Singaporean pop duo Delisha four years ago.

Moving to Kuala Lumpur last January, she became popular as a TV actress, especially after starring in TV drama Mencintaimu Mr Photographer with popular actor Syafiq Kyle.

The 21-year-old said she enjoyed her acting career, but remained equally committed to singing, which introduced her to fans around the Lion City in 2013.

Hannah has just wrapped up recording her first pop duet with a Malaysian — none other than popular action hero and comedian Zizan Razak.

The duo’s first project together is Baby Bro!, the theme song for the Astro First Exclusive telemovie of the same name, which will be aired on Thursday.

The duet, with a catchy chorus that goes “aku sentiasa bersedia, get set, ready, go” (“I’m always prepared, get set, ready, go”), is written and composed by award-winning hip-hoppers Joe Flizzow and SonaOne, and talks about Zizan’s character in the telemovie, Sham the struggling salesman.

“It’s an honour to work with Zizan, Joe and Sona. Zizan approached me last month and asked if I’d like to sing with him,” said Hannah in an interview with the New Straits Times yesterday.

“It was an immediate “yes” from me, as it was my golden chance to meet the three of them. Zizan is one of my favourite comedians, while Joe and Sona are two of the best in their genre!”

She was a little nervous about working with Zizan, since she was still a newcomer compared to him.

“I had to memorise the lyrics thoroughly, and feared I couldn’t meet their standards. But, Zizan and Joe said: “Just relax, things will work out well, just do your best.” That calmed my nerves.

“I thanked them for giving me my first Malaysian duet. I must salute Zizan, who didn’t look too well that day, for giving 100 per cent in the studio,” said Hannah, adding that her two-hour recording session with them went smoothly.

Hannah believes that working with top singers is the best move for her singing career. “I’d definitely want to collaborate with Zizan, Joe and Sona again. Work with the best, and you absorb their winning ways.”

Does she prefer acting or singing? “It’s fifty-fifty. Zizan does that, and he’s a role model for me.”

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