(File pix) Actress Rozita Che Wan (right) and her family. Pix from @rozitachewan1 Instagram account
(File pix) Nur Fazura (right) and actor Fattah Amin (left) tied the knot at a closed ceremony in a five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Pix from @msfazura Instagram account

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Rozita Che Wan advised newly-married fellow actress Fazura to ‘redha’ and be accepting of many things with respect to her choice of having a husband who is much younger than she is.

Rozita, 44, gave a personal example of having differences in viewpoints on matters as one challenging aspect of her marriage to Zain Saidin, 33.

“Every couple is different and the age gap between me and my husband is wider than Fazura and Fattah, who have a seven-year difference. What I can advise is that they have to be very accepting of each other and have a give-and-take approach, because our views (as women) are different from theirs (the men). Sometimes we assume they’ll do this but they instead do that,” said the actress in a recent news report.

Rozita was asked about her opinion on Nur Fazura, 34, and actor Fattah Amin, 27, who have tied the knot at a closed ceremony in a five-star hotel here yesterday.

The actress, who is fondly known as Che Ta, added that the matter of a wide age gap wasn’t a problem at all based on her own experience. She said that it was just a learning process for her after being married for four years to Zain.

"In choosing a younger man, we need to learn, adapt and accept that we cannot assume what we think is the same as what they’re thinking. In terms of children, for example, Zain wants lots of kids but I think that what’s most important is quality and not quantity,” she said.

Rozita married Zain in 2013, and is mother to their two-year-old daughter, Aaisyah Dhia Rana.