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KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Nabila Razali is savouring some sweet success after the music video of her latest single, Pematah Hati, received two million views in less than a week of its release.

The music video, directed by a young Romanian duo known as Storytellrs, can be found on YouTube Malaysia’s Trending and Popular On lists.

In a recent news report, the 25-year-old singer said that she was very happy and grateful that the music video had done well.

She also hoped that the breakup song would motivate young women to get over their sadness after experiencing heartbreak.

"Of course I’m really happy that Pematah Hati got two million views in just five days.”

“This wouldn’t have happened if not for the strong support from fans, as well as the capabilities of the music video directors since they succeeded in realising what I had in mind for it,” she said of the music video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Nov 28.

Meanwhile, Nabila is also thankful to the song’s composer and lyricist, Hael Hussaini and Ezra Kong for creating a great track with a fresh sound and feel.

"I think that people also like it for its interesting lyrics,” she said.

Nabila added that the music video was completed in only two weeks and was shot in a few locations around KL, which included Blues and Bees, The Bee and Living Space.

The music video also features actor Aedy Ashraf and other young personalities such as Yaya Zahir, Adriana Adnan, Tanjung and Wanie, Anis Al Idrus, Dragos Cruceat, Diana Iss, Diana Dancea and Sergiu Chirau.

Nabila Razali’s Permata Hati music video garnered some 2 millions views on YouTube. File pic by MOHD AZREN JAMALUDIN
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