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BigBang member Seungri donated 100 million won to Child Fund Korea

INSTEAD of expecting presents on his birthday which fell last Tuesday, South Korean group BigBang member Seungri chose to celebrate it by giving back to the community.

Through his Japanese ramen
joint, Aori Ramen, the singer donated 100 million won (RM373,828) to global children welfare agency Child Fund Korea, to help children from poor families.

The donation will be used to provide basic necessities, such as rice, noodles and winter clothing.

Seungri, along with 30 Aori Ramen employees and his father, Lee Yeon-jin, took the trouble to hand-deliver coal briquettes, which are compressed blocks of coal that are a cheaper alternative to firewood.

These are used for cooking and heating their homes.

According to a recent news report by Osen, Seungri said, “In celebration of Aori Ramen’s first anniversary, we wanted to give back the love we’d received by helping children and neighbours in need.”

This is not Seungri’s first time contributing to those in need.

In previous years, he had donated more than 100 sacks of rice to low-income families.

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