Kang Seung-yoon and his new canine friend, Thor.

SOUTH Korean singer Kang Seung-yoon recently adopted a puppy from a shelter and named it Thor.

He was initially unsure, but knew he had made the right decision after learning that Thor would be put down if no one had adopted it.

“I was indecisive whether I should adopt a puppy or not, then I saw Thor and I had to have him,” said Kang, 23, according to a news report by Koreaboo.

Thor was apparently rescued from a puppy mill, where many popular breeds of dogs are forced to reproduce continuously for business.

The leader of the K-Pop group Winner also advised his fans to carefully consider before deciding to adopt a pet and to become a responsible owner.

“Since there is still demand for such exotic, pretty animals, puppy mills will continue to exist.

“I don’t support buying pets from pet shops. We should all consider adopting puppies from shelters.”

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