“IT was tough growing up in a broken home, with my dad being absent for the most part of my life,” said actress and singer Datin Diana Danielle.

When her mother’s business fell through in 2001 and was later diagnosed with cancer the same year, life became harder for them as they ended up with a major financial problem.

“That was when I had this determination to end what seemed like a never-ending misery,” said Diana, who became an actress the following year.

Looking back, she feels blessed that her life has turned out for the better.

But the 26-year-old never forgot how difficult it was that she took to social media to share her experience of being brought up by a single parent.

“A few years ago, I decided to open up about the hardship my family and I had gone through,” Diana told the New Straits Times recently.

After she shared her story, people started seeing her as an actual person with real problems, and not a popular celebrity who has it all.

“They started reaching out to me as they were intrigued to know how I went through it, and that I could at least help them in dealing with the issue of growing up with a single parent.

Datin Diana Danielle

“I’m humbled by this, but I am in no position to solve their problems. I can only lend my ear and share with them a few words about my experience,” said Diana, who enjoyed sharing motivational quotes on her social media accounts.

Married to fellow actor and director Datuk Farid Kamil, the mother-of two is also chairman of Dewan Perniagaan Artis Dan Selebriti Malaysia, a newly-launched, non-governmental organisation, which had been set up to promote entrepreneurship among artistes.

Besides taking care of her family, acting and being involved with charity work, Diana, who released a single last year, is set to launch a full album by the third quarter of this year.

“We have 24 hours in a day, and my job isn’t a 9-to-5 one. I have a big say in what I want to do throughout the year and in every job I take.

“So, I can take a couple of months to focus on a specific job at a time, and I’ve always been a multitasker and I don’t like to sit around. Having a lot on my plate drives me further. I love being busy!”

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