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(File pix) Nabila Huda recently expressed her objection on local production houses' decision to give demanding roles to newbies. Pix by Aziah Azmee

KUALA LUMPUR: Award-winning actress Nabila Huda recently expressed her objection on local production houses' decision to give demanding roles to newbies.

Taking the matter on Twitter, she asked her followers: “Okay, I'm not criticising but do you agree when an extra or a rookie actor is given the responsibility of portraying a heavy or lead role for a series in a popular TV slot?"

"How about giving them a chance to harness their skills first by playing supporting roles for a few years?

Nabila Huda said she felt embarrassed watching dramas that had these "green" actors whose acting lacked emotion.

She also questioned whether these newbies were cast because of their looks, the number of Instagram followers they have or that they didn't mind obtaining a small fee for their work.

"I understand that most talented and experienced actors are older," said the 33-year-old who won Best Actress awards for the film Munafik and TV drama Balqis.

"But if this continues, the quality of our TV dramas will decline. They will be ruined no matter how good the script is.

"My acting used to be stiff too, but I didn't care because (at the time) I had no intention to become an actress.

"After that, I slowly learned to like it, practised and learned from my seniors for a few years to fully understand the art of acting."

Nabila Huda also recalled to the time when there were no social media to help boost her popularity.

"I didn't even have a handphone! So when my cast members and I were on set, we had no choice but to face one another and share knowledge.

"It took me years before I finally received a chance to star as a main cast member. And even then I was still not confident. It was so embarrassing!"

Nabila added that back then, talent was the most important quality an actor must have, and they had to wait and work hard until they truly deserved to play a lead role.

"This generation is different. It's okay if actors today can't naturally shed tears because there's always (popular eye drop brand) Eye Mo."

In response to Nabila's concerns, @Mekyar21 replied: "Why? Are you feeling insecure?"

The actress replied: "I've got no time to feel insecure. Been there done that. I'm happy with my life right now. I'm only giving an opinion. It's up to you to accept it."

‎‏ @nuraienarazemi commented: "If the new actors are talented, why not? There are old-timers who could use acting lessons themselves. It'll be boring if we keep seeing the same faces all the time. So the issue here is quality, not how long the actor has been acting."

@LinaLord wrote: "Usually Hero or Dewi Remaja alumni would straight away play leads, even though their acting is so poor. It's different if they were Aswara graduates or have an acting background."

@monasyafika wrote: "These days, you can easily become a star if you have the looks, but your acting won't necessarily touch audience's hearts. How to watch and support Malay dramas if the quality is like that of a school's drama club?"

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