Adrian Voo

BESIDES Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh and Henry Golding, another Malaysia-born actor, Adrian Voo, is making his mark in Tinseltown. 

The 31-year-old Kuala Lumpur native has his eyes set on solidifying his presence as an actor in Hollywood, having landed a role in Sony Pictures International’s latest comedy film titled Little Bitches.

The coming-of-age, R-rated comedy follows the story of two best friends who try to reconnect with a former friend before an end-of-senior year party, where they all plan to open their college acceptance letters at the same time. 

The film, helmed by Nick Kreiss, also sees Jeanette McCurdy (best known for her role as Sam Puckett in iCarly), Kiersey Clemons (who starred in Flatliners as Sophia) and Karan Soni who previously played Dopinder in Deadpool in the cast line-up. Voo, 31, describes his character as an eccentric offbeat mechanic, who ironically also goes by the name Adrian.

“My character is nothing like me. Adrian is the embodiment of the weird, but wise hipster,” he said.

Moviegoers might recognise Voo as Best Man Dan in the 2016 American comedy film Amateur Night, which also starred Jason Biggs and Ashley Tisdale.

The San Francisco State University and New York Film Academy alumnus, who began his acting career in 2013, has previously landed roles in thriller genre films such as Quarantine L.A and Seventy-Nine.

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