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Jung Yong-hwa admitted to be involved in Kyung Hee University’s preferential treatment scandal.

KUALA LUMPUR: South Korean singer Jung Yong-hwa confessed to be the artiste who was involved in Kyung Hee University’s preferential treatment scandal.

Yesterday, South Korean media outlets reported that in 2016, a celebrity was accepted into the institution’s graduate school even though they didn’t participate in the official interview process.

Following speculations that it might be Jung, his agency FNC Entertainment released a statement to clarify that he was in fact the person in question.

According to allkpop, the vocalist of pop-rock group CNBlue then took to Instagram to post a letter of apology.

“I bow down and apologise. Regardless of what the reasons are, regardless of what the truth is, everything is my fault and I know that.

“With all this in mind, I am reflecting upon everything. Anything you say about me, I will accept it,” he wrote.

Jung reportedly had applied for Kyung Hee University’s graduate doctorate programme in 2016, but was denied admission due to a mistake on his application.

“However, the school continued to recommend to us that Yonghwa should apply for the additional application because the school was lacking students,” according to FNC Entertainment, adding that Jung then re-applied in January last year.

“We heard from the professor personally that the school was trying to gather more students in order to fill up the classes. The professor thought that Yonghwa’s application would help.

“There was no competition and all students who had applied were accepted.”

The agency added that Jung would not have agreed to such arrangement if he knew it would critically tarnish his image as a public figure.

“Yonghwa believed that the individual interview was the regular process, and he did the interview as scheduled. He did not have any knowledge about getting preferential treatment and breaking the school rules," said FNC Entertainment.

Jung is currently taking leave of absence from the school.

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