With ever-changing consumer preferences, Media Prima Television Networks will have its four TV channels each targeting a specific demographic, writes TAHIR ALHAMZAH

NTV7 will undergo a rebranding, which is among major changes that Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN) will offer this year.

From March 5, the channel’s Chinese content will be moved to 8TV.

MPTN chief executive Johan Ishak said the changes would affect all four of its television stations, including “The Feel Good” channel.

“Each channel will target specific demographics.

“This change is to attract a wider audience.”

While TV3 will remain a channel for the mass audience, ntv7 will be targeted to the modern mass audience.

“This change will allow us to position ntv7 for a younger set of audience, which will be reflected in the type of content aired,” Johan said.

“The rebranding of ntv7 and other changes are part of efforts to customise our content offerings to meet the ever-changing preferences of consumers.”

He said 8TV would offer fully-Chinese vernacular content since it had a strong following in the Chinese 4+ demographics (audience share of 26.7 per cent).

TV9 will focus more on sports content, like Liga Super Malaysia, with 141 hours of programming in a year, including live football matches.

“TV9 will also offer extra hours for MPTN’s home-shopping business, CJ WOW Shop,” Johan said.