Singer-songwriter Yunalis Mat Zara’ai a.k.a. Yuna. (pix of Instagram)

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer-songwriter Yunalis Mat Zara’ai a.k.a. Yuna is known to be quite vocal in making her stand on social media.

Recently, the US-based artiste responded to a posting by a self-proclaimed fashion police who goes by the name @i_knowfashion on Instagram, after the owner of the account criticised her choice of wedding outfits.

The reviewer wrote that the Hatta Dolmat dress she wore at the reception held on the groom’s side was “a passé and soooooo 3 years ago.”

“I've seen it countless times on celebrities and hijabi brides. You can go to any wedding boutiques out there and trust me, you can find this kinda dress hanging on the rack. I'm surprised that this comes from Hatta Dolmat, a renowned designer. He should be setting a new trend and not following the existing one. Plus, it's Yuna we're talking about here.”

The 31-year-old artiste responded to the posting.

She wrote: “Salam. First of all, I don’t get this page. What is it exactly that you do? Are you a fashion designer? You don’t put your identity, but you take photos of other people’s weddings, you use my friend’s photos of me at my wedding that they took out of happiness and love, you put it on your page and leave ‘reviews’ and shit on other people’s hard work and shit on my heartfelt moments? have you seen how Hatta lost sleep and how he worked? Hatta dedicated his time to make my dresses and u dedicate your time to do this? Please just post 1 photo of your fashion sketch, or something you’ve worn, so all of us can see why or how you know fashion. At least something. I hope you wake up tomorrow morning and realise that instead of leaving snarky remarks on other people’s hard work and depending on people to agree with what you say so YOU can feel good about yourself, you use your passion to create something positive that you can share with the world. Sincerely, Yuna.”

While some diehard fans agreed with Yuna, there were others who backed up the “fashion police”, saying that the individual was just voicing an opinion on the dress.

@nuruliffahhazwani wrote: @yunamusic big fan of yours. But I can’t help from commenting on your remarks here. This person was just voicing out his opinion on the dress. No harm done. Why are you so bitter? Hatta should have taken this as a constructive criticism and up his game for his next creation…”

@ashrielopry commented: @yunamusic yuna I x rasa pon dia ejek baju u buruk ke apa, dia hnya mberikan pendapat bukan membunuh, before this I pernah Nampak hatta sendiri mengkritik secara terang terangan baju brian khoo buat Samantha katy untuk miss universe, kenapa orang lain tidak boleh memberikan pandangan dia buat baju u yg direka oleh hatta? (I don’t think this person is calling the dress ugly, but just an honest opinion. I’d even seen Hatta himself criticising other designer’s work before this, like Brian Khoo’s dress for Samantha Katie James for Miss Universe 2017).

Yuna and director Adam Yousof Sinclair tied the knot on Jan 26 amidst lush greeneries at Puncak Rimba in Bentong, Pahang.