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Sheila Rusly says only those who are passionate about acting can deliver convincing performances.

THE entertainment industry may be flooded with new actors and actresses, but award-winning producer Sheila Rusly feels that it is still slim pickings.

“The industry lacks young talent with merit,” said the 46-year-old artiste at the pre-launch event of the Drama Festival Kuala Lumpur (DFKL) 2018 at Nate Bistro in Ara Damansara, Selangor, recently. She added that new talent were a dime a dozen and whether they were passionate about making it big in the arts was questionable.

“Only those who are passionate about acting can deliver convincing performances,” said Sheila, who started acting at the age of 16 in the horror comedy Hantu Siang, directed by of A.R. Badul.

“Being popular on social media and having many followers may be the trend, but what happens when their popularity dies out in the next few years?

“You’ll be out of a job if you can’t deliver the goods,” said Sheila, who will conduct a workshop at DFKL 2018.

She added that while looking good was a bonus in the industry, not every production needed a dashing actor or a pretty actress to play leading roles.

“Take new actor Jay Iswazir, for instance. He has more than 25,000 followers on his Instagram.

“But I believe in his talent and made him the lead in my latest telemovie.”

Sheila is filming Aku Nazmi, in which Jay, 36, plays the protagonist.

The drama revolves around people with disabilities. Playing alongside him is actress-singer Ayda Jebat, 25.

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