(File pix) A screengrab from a video posted on a Facebook account showing a bunch of Neelofar branded hijabs being burn by the celebrity’s fan. Pix from Anne Zuraini Facebook account

KUALA LUMPUR: Disappointed with the action of the popular TV host-actress entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor for launching her new hijab range at a nightclub recently, a woman posted a live video showing her burning Naelofar Hijab shawls on her Facebook recently.

“I’m very disappointed with you Lofa. I didn’t buy these from pasar borong or pasar malam,” said the woman identified as Anne Zuraini in the video while burning five shawls bearing the Naelofar brand.

The video went viral and many Netizens felt that the action was a futile attempt on her side, saying that the only one at the losing end was Anne Zuraini herself.

(File pix) Celebrity Neelofa. Pix by Munira Abdul Ghani

One Netizen commented: “Hahaha...ko ingat dgn bakar tu Lofa kisah. Ko yg bangang sebenarnya. Beli mahal2 lps tu bakar. Nmpk sgt sikap boros ko tu mcm syaitan. Cuba la jgn jd dungu.”

(Do you think Neelofa cares when you burn the shawls? You are the one who is stupid, after spending a lot to buy them, you burn them. Your extravagant behaviour is as accursed as that of Satan. Please don’t be stupid.)

Some commented that if she wanted to boycott Neelofa and Naelofar Hijab, just stop buying. Burning whatever that she had in her possession wouldn’t make any difference to the controversial entrepreneur.

Anne Zuraini later defended her action as saying that instead of donating it to others, she opted to destroy them altogether, so that there would be less Naelofar hijabs being worn around.

Perhaps, about five. That’s for sure.

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