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Director Syamsul Yusof says Studio Kembara approached him to direct the biopic after the project stalled. PIC BY ZUNNUR AL SHAFIQ

DIRECTOR Syamsul Yusof, 33, is a versatile player in the entertainment industry, just like his father, Datuk Yusof Haslam.

Syamsul — who is also an editor, screenwriter, film producer, actor and singer — has helmed nine films.

Known for blockbusters, such as Evolusi KL Drift, KL Gangster and Munafik, he is set to challenge himself by directing a historical drama.

When met at a gala screening of action thriller KL Special Force in Petaling Jaya recently, he said he would direct a film about Mat Kilau.

“We’re in the pre-production stage, and if everything goes well, we’ll start filming next month.”

Mat Kilau was a Malay warrior who fought against the British in Pahang in the 1880s.

Syamsul said Adi Putra, who will play Mat Kilau, would star with Beto Kusyairy and Fattah Amin.

“We’re finalising the cast. We’ve approached Datuk M. Nasir and Eman Manan too.”

He said Studio Kembara had approached him to direct the biopic after the project had stalled.

“But I had to start from scratch and conduct my own research. I’ll rewrite the script too. My name is attached to this, so I want to give it the best and focus on the story.”

He said it was his dream to direct an epic and historical film.

“I’d love to do films like Bukit Kepong, but let’s take it one step at a time,” said Syamsul, whose Munafik 2 will hit the screens later this year.

In KL Special Force, which is directed by his younger brother Syafiq, Syamsul plays a criminal.

It opens today.

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