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A videograb showing the ultrasound which was uploaded on Instagram by Amy Search, in which he informed that his wife had suffered a miscarriage.

KUALA LUMPUR: Rock legend Suhaimi Abdul Rahman or Amy has sad news for fans.

His wife Nourish Hassan, who was two months’ pregnant, has just suffered a miscarriage.

The lead singer of Search uploaded the depressing news in an Instagram post yesterday, with a poignant message which read:

“The heartbeat eventually stopped and disappeared before our eyes. Alex, Sania and Qaqa (Amy's children) bowed their heads as they received the news. Qaqa cried. There will be no more stories about the baby they would have welcomed. May we be strong in accepting this indescribable test. I am certain this test comes with its own silver lining and being patient is the same as accepting this test from Him," read the post, originally written in the Malay language.

Amy also shared a verse from his song Suralaya: "Aku tersentak langsung tersedar, Cuaca dingin menanda hati yang kian rawan, Terbayang seribu kemungkinan, Sejenak ku mendakap, Kau pun hilang dari pandangan." (I’ve just awakened, to cold wind blowing on my sad heart, a thousand possibilities before my eyes, but one look at you, and you're gone from sight.)

Amy Search (left) and wife Norish Hassan.

Amy’s heartfelt posting drew a stream of messages of condolences from Netizens.

“Salam takziah Uncle Amy Search and family. Stay strong," said one Instagram user.

“Condolences Abang. Be patient and have faith,” said @HairRockStudio.

“May you be strong, for God loves us and rewards us eventually,” said Frida.

On May 25, Amy announced that Nourish was pregnant and he was looking forward to be a father again at the age of 60.

Amy and Nourish were married in 2003 and they have three children - Alexander, 14, Sania, 13, and Qaqa, 9.

He has a daughter, actress Nabila Huda, 34, from an earlier marriage to Faridah Fadzil; and Irisha Myra, 21, from his second marriage to Roslisa Ahmad.

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