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(File pix) Singer Elyana. Pix by Nur Adibah Ahmad Izam

KUALA LUMPUR: ‘Today I am stopping all of my cancer treatments because there are many people who want to see me die! Thank you, let’s all die together!’ wrote singer Elyana Emrizal in an Insta-story post recently before deactivating her account.

The usually chirpy and bubbly artiste who has Stage 4 lymphoma cancer appears to have gone through a meltdown, claiming she has given up on her battle to fight the big C.

It is believed the posts came after Elyana felt utterly disappointed by a comment made by a follower who schooled her on protecting her “aurat” more so since she is a public figure.

“I will not forgive you as you have deeply hurt my feelings,” she wrote in her response to her follower.

The 31-year-old artiste’s Insta-story posts was followed by: “I am mentally strong but you all have broken my spirit! I wish you all happiness.”

Naturally, fans are wondering about her latest health condition but the official fan page for Elyana on Instagram assures fans she is still undergoing cancer treatment and has not given up, based on a photo posted up earlier today.

“Elyana needs time for herself and family. Her condition is fine and she is still undergoing cancer treatments. Pray for her strength and that she will be able to fight this,” read the caption.

Fans flooded the post with prayers and best wishes for the singer, hoping she will make her return to social media soon.

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