(File pix) Photo shows Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor (right) with her grandfather. Pix from Neelofa’s Instagram account

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular TV host and actress Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor and family are mourning over the passing of her grandfather, Haji Noor Mohamed, 83, who breathed his last at a hospital in Kota Baru, Kelantan yesterday.

The 29-year-old artiste confirmed the sad news through an Insta-story post last night. However the cause of death is not made known.

Earlier today, the Ti Amor Sweetheart 100 Hari star shared several emotional posts as a tribute to her beloved grandfather which drew messages of condolences from her fans and followers .

On Twitter, Neelofa who affectionately called his grandfather “Abah” wrote: “My Abah was someone very important to me. His love and affection had no boundaries, he was a kind, generous and loving man.

“He left us and my heart is broken. May Allah grant him the highest of Jannah, may Allah accept all his good deeds, InsyaAllah. Al-Fatihah.”

She then shared a throwback video of her family’s patriarch on Instagram, and penned some heartfelt words to express how she will deeply miss her “Abah”.

“Abah, you left us, my heart is broken and a part of me left with you. You taught me so many things about life, about love, about kindness, about family, everything.

She then described how he was the person she looked forward to meeting when she returns to Kelantan.

“I will miss everything about you, I am already missing you right now. There are so many things to write when it comes to you but I think I have said most of them when I was by your side, I hope you listened.

“Now, rest well. May Allah grant you the highest of Jannah, may Allah accept all your good deeds and may Allah ease everything for you. I love you, Abah. Al-Fatihah.”

Neelofa’s grandfather will be buried in Pasir Mas after Zohor prayers, today.

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