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Yana Samsudin. NSTP/ Rosela Ismail

KUALA LUMPUR: While many parents would try to hush their young kids as quickly as possible when the children are having an outburst in public, actress Yana Samsudin advises them to simply enjoy the moment.

In a recent post on her Instagram, she wrote: “Tips pertama, jangan panik, enjoy the moment, yang penting zaman kanak-kanak mereka akan datang sekali je, kita akan rindu zaman dia tantrum.”

(Firstly, don’t panic, but enjoy these moments as their childhood years only happen once).

The 34-year-old actress also wrote that parents should instead patiently communicate with their children to find out what they actually want.

She added that parents should not feel embarrassed and stressed when these things happen as many onlookers would have gone through similar situations at some point, either having to deal with their own children or it was they themselves who’d been throwing tantrums while they were small.

She wrote this to accompany a photo showing her two-year-old son Aisy Mateen, having an outburst at a shopping mall, while she and her husband, scriptwriter and actor Fadzil Zahari, simply looked at the boy lying on the floor.

Many Netizens agreed with her parenting technique, with some commenting that they had to deal with their children just like the celebrity couple as well.

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