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Jungkook. NSTP/Pix courtesy of social media

KUALA LUMPUR: BTS member Jungkook accidentally caused a shortage of a certain fabric softener brand after he revealed the product he uses to wash his laundry.

It all happened when the 21-year-old paid a visit to the group’s fan cafe recently to chat with some fans.

When the topic of laundry came up, fans asked what fabric softener he uses, to which he replied: “Downy Adorable something something.”

Let’s just say the rest is history as fans worked incredibly fast to spread the word, as they get their hands on the same product in order to perhaps have the same scent as their K-Pop idol.

According to news reports, Downy Adorable also topped search engine Naver’s realtime search rankings!

The whole craze over the fabric softener was so overwhelming, that even Jungkook himself had trouble purchasing the item.

He jokingly tweeted: “ARMY... I had to go buy my fabric softener because it was running out but... it’s all out of stock. ARMY is so great.”

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