(File pix) Emma Maembong.

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Emma Maembong publicly apologises for her intimate photos which went viral today.

In her latest entry on her Instagram, she wrote: “Salam semua. Sy nk mintak maaf atas salah sy lalai. Mmg salah sy. Bukan salah kawan ,keluarga atau sapa2 jgn salah kan diorg sbb sy sendiri yg lalai. Maaf kan sy. Thank you kepada yg nasihat sy, dan yg marah yg kecewa atau sedih semua sy mintak maaf ya. Im sorry. Walaupon ramai ckp pergi mintak maaf dekat allah sy buat, dekat manusia pon still sy kene mintak maaf jgk kan.tak sempat sy nk reply comment satu2 byk sgt. But Thank you yg masih support dan yg positive. Love you guys so much. Im sorry again. Maaf kan sy.”

(I’d like to apologise to everyone for being careless. It (being photographed without a hijab and in close proximity with a man) was my mistake, not others. Thank you for your advice, and to those who are disappointed and upset with my actions, I sincerely apologise... Thank you for your support too. Love you guys so much. Again, I’m sorry).

The photos had sent the Internet community abuzz earlier today. They depicted a woman believed to be Emma and a man who has an uncanny resemblance to the brother of a Cabinet minister.

The 26-year-old artiste whose full name is Fatimah Rohani Ismail admitted that it was her in the photos.

The photos showed her sans the headscarf and in a rather intimate position with Syed Abdullah Syed Abdul Rahman, the elder brother of Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq.

In one of the photos, Emma had her hand over Syed Abdullah’s shoulder, at a dining table.

According to a news report today, the photos had been taken sometime last week.

Both the actress and Syed Abdullah had also been seen in photos holidaying together in Japan and UAE earlier this year.