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Pauline Tan (NSTP/File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malay dramas are increasingly “Malaysian” today, and actress Pauline Tan strongly welcomes this development.

The 28-year-old artiste from Klang who co-hosts home shopping network CJ Wow Shop on 8TV has yet to appear in one, but is hopeful that it will soon come true.

Tan has been involved in the Drama Festival Kuala Lumpur (DFKL) roadshows since last year, but is in no hurry to land a leading role in Malay dramas.

In a news report today, the 2015 Miss Universe Malaysia runner-up said: “The doors are always open for all Malaysians with talent and passion to appear in Malay dramas and films.

“A number of my friends have done so, and I’m really proud of them. On my part, I’ve prepared myself by improving my command of Bahasa Malaysia over the years, but then, opportunity only comes to those who wait.”

Tan who began her acting career in 2014 is best known for the Chinese drama Sweet Delicacy which was screened on 8TV in January.

The English literature graduate said that more Malaysians of Chinese, Indian, and Sarawak and Sabah bumiputra origin had auditioned for Malay dramas in the last two decades, and some of them were now household names.

“We’ve had some real good movies which are very Bangsa Malaysia such as Ola Bola and Paskal. I’m confident that there’ll be more Malaysian dramas and films in Malay in the coming years.”

Tan believes in taking baby steps in showbiz. Even if she lands a supporting role in Malay dramas, it will be a great achievement.

“I believe in quality over quantity - it’s better to play a few good drama roles which viewers remember, than many minor but forgettable ones. This is my main motivation as an actress,” she added.

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