Always challenging herself, Neelofa wants to learn how to dance now. - Instagram/Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor

KUALA LUMPUR: Having built a million-ringgit hijab business and a name for herself in showbiz, popular TV host and actress Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor says she still has a few things she needs to tick on her To-Do list.

In a series of tweets last Sunday, the 30-year-old artiste wrote that she “would love to pick up more foreign languages, learn to dance & some photography skills!”

Neelofa admitted how she wished she had done all these earlier and invested more in herself.

“Learn new skills and improve existing ones. Now I have means, but time is what I don’t have but I try to do this more now,” she tweeted adding that when she first started out, she was just a girl chasing her dreams.

“People always ask me for my recipe for success. Other than my Mama’s doa, I consistently do these; believe in myself, keep building my skills, get out of my comfort zone, be around the best and always set huge goals. What about you guys? What’s your recipe?

“I think comfort zone is dangerous, it makes us feel comfortable and safe, so we become stagnant, we’re afraid to venture out, try something different or even change our routine. So, this month, challenge yourself to get out of comfort zone, do one thing differently,” she wrote further.