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Hans and Ahmad Idham (left) (NSTP/MOHD SHAHARIL BADRI SAALI)
Hans and Ahmad Idham (left) (NSTP/MOHD SHAHARIL BADRI SAALI)

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Hans Isaac, who clocked in to work as the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) chairman yesterday, will have “zero involvement” in filmmaking and acting for two years.

“No, I won’t be accepting any acting, producing and directing offers throughout my chairmanship and this is specially to avoid any conflict of interest,” he said when met at Finas headquarters in Hulu Klang today.

“As the chairman, it will not be fair for me to pursue my own interests while at the same time leading Finas and taking care of the film industry. I must be seen to be fair and impartial.”

Hans, 48, revealed that the Communications and Multimedia Ministry had offered him the chairmanship of Finas last December.

“I told the Ministry that it would be best that I serve for a year, but the Minister insisted that I serve two years instead,” he said.

He added that he wanted to be “free” from all film projects to fully focus on his challenging job.

“I may be the top man in Finas, but all decisions will be made by consensus with the chief executive officer and board members. We have a list of things to do, in our ‘manifesto’, which we will revealed at a later date.”

Finas CEO Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri who accompanied Hans, said that both of them promised the 20,000-odd members of the film industry that they would do their best to look after their interests.

Hans was appointed Finas chairman by Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo last Monday. Ahmad Idham was appointed as chief executive officer a month earlier.

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