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Seoul Metropolitan Police agency has announced for the plan for Seungri’s arrest. - Instagram/seungriseyo

KUALA LUMPUR: Following evidence of financial transactions between popular South Korean singer-songwriter Seungri and eight women in adult entertainment industry, the Seoul Metropolitan Police agency has announced today its plan for his arrest.

According to allkpop, the police are investigating allegations of Seungri providing prostitution services for a Japanese investor visiting South Korea.

Two years ago, Seungri, 28, had invited the women to attend his birthday party in the Philippines.

Evidence has shown that Seungri had spent a total of ₩600 mil (RM2.18 million) for that birthday party, including all expenses paid for the female invitees.

Testimonies from the women showed that they were not forced to have sex with any male investors who were also at the party and that it was voluntary.

Despite the women not being forced by Seungri to commit sexual acts, the police believe that as the women were not close to him, all the expenses paid indicated to prostitution solicitation.

The police are planning to request for an arrest warrant, for Seungri for prostitution solicitation as well as charging him with distributing illegal footage, tax evasion, embezzlement, and violation the Food Sanitation Act.

A source from the police said, “We are open to all possibilities including requesting a pretrial detention warrant.”

A pretrial detention warrant allows a prosecutor the right to put suspects or defendants in detention.

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